1. An initial FREE consultation will take place to discuss your requirements so as to ensure the best service possible is provided by Ample Ambles.

2. All required forms will be worked through together, once a booking is requested, to ensure an individual service is created. Both parties will sign these forms to confirm all information is correct.

3. All Certificates and documentation will be shown to the Customer to prove a professional service is being provided by Ample Ambles. This will include Qualification Certificates, DBS Certificate, Dog First Aid Certificate and relevant Insurance Liability Cover.

4. FREE extra time on walk, if I get carried away!

5. FREE pick-up from your home and transportation within a 5 mile radius 45p per mile after this

6. Where possible 24 hours notice minimum should be given either way in the event of cancellation of services. If this is not given from the Owner they may incur full payment. If this is not given by the Walker then a 100% reimbursement for that service may be given. Exceptions to this would include injury, illness, bereavement, extreme weather conditions.

7. A 10% discount will be given for each proven rescued pet

8. A minimum 10% of my profits will go towards organisations dedicated to caring for abused and homeless dogs.

9. 100% of any donations from customers will go towards organisations dedicated to caring for abused and homeless dogs.

10. All dogs will be walked on a lead unless express written permission has been given by the Owner, and then at the discretion of the Walker.

11. One-off services will require full payment to Ample Ambles prior to date of service taking place.

12. Regular weekly or monthly bookings will require full payment via monthly Invoices.

13. If late payments or non-payments occur this may result in the booking being cancelled without notice and without liability on the part of Amble Ambles.

14. In the case of any emergency, the Owner will be contacted at the numbers provided to confirm required actions to be taken. If the Owner cannot be reached within a reasonable time-frame, the Walker is authorised to take appropriate action as detailed in the Veterinary Release Form. The Walker accepts no liability for any damage to the Owner’s property or for any breach of security or loss of or damage to the Owner’s property.

15. The Walker accepts no liability for any issues which may arise with a pet in their care. This would include injury, illness or infestation.

16. The Walker will not be found to be chatting on the phone or wearing headphones, listening to music.

17. The Walker will always abide by the Parks Trust Code of Conduct when walking dogs – as set out on their website:

18. Any additional mileage will be calculated using the route finder and rounded DOWN to the nearest mile.

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