(10% initial booking discount given to all proven rescued pets on all services)

PET VISITS:  This service is to check up on pets left during the day, that do not require walks. This could include dogs (being let out into the garden), cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, birds etc. Small-holdings also catered for. Price can include feeding, watering, providing medication, cleaning cages/litter trays where required.

30 minute visit  £9.50 FIRST PET, £3 PER ADDITIONAL PET

PET SITTING:  This service includes walks where necessary, feeding, watering, medication, cleaning cages/litter trays. Total dedication to your pets needs at all times. Plenty of fuss, play and love. Security of your home. House sitter will not leave the property at all between 8pm- 8am unless walking dogs. During the hours of 8am-8pm sitter will not be absent any longer than 4 hours at any one time. Any additional requirements can be catered for.

 8 hour day  –   £48

24 hour day  –  £65

NB: Additional pet fee applies (as in “walks” above), where dogs need walking

PET TAXI:    This service provides transportation directly from your home to vets, groomers, kennels, hydrotherapy sessions, training classes, moving house etc. Taxi can wait to return pet as soon as finished if required. Additionally, walks for dogs can be incorporated into the time.

Prices from £10 per hour plus 45p per mile travel expenses for fuel, insurance and wear and tear of the vehicle.


WEDDING PACKAGES:  The trouble with getting married is that all your friends and family, who may normally care for your pets, are actually going to be joining you at the wedding. I can help you with this problem by providing a bespoke wedding package to ensure your day is not spent worrying about your fur babies. Maybe you would like them to attend the wedding at certain points, to be part of the ceremony and be included in the photos. I can help ensure your day is as perfect as it can be by caring for your dogs before, during and after the wedding.

Start from £175 for 6 hours or £235 for 24 hours


COACHING & BEHAVIOUR ADVICE:   Are you & your pet experiencing trouble with some kind of behavioural issue. Maybe a lack of confidence, reactivity with other dogs, settling into a new home or similar. I can help with gentle guidance using only positive methods (upon vet referral) or recommend suitable advanced coaching/behaviour specialists.

£45 initial consult and written personal plan of action.  Set fee where the time is not rushed.  £20 per hour after if needed


DOG WALKS: All walks are bespoke, personal walks, designed to suit your dogs needs, rather than the walkers. This means your dogs will not be walked in groups with any other dogs, unless specifically agreed or requested (for socialisation reasons).

Because of this individual service, we can cater for nervous and reactive dogs, taking them to places with minimal confrontation so the walk is enjoyable and free from stress. We can then look at working together, to move towards gradual interaction in the future.

1 hour £14.00 first dog in household. £7 per additional dog.

45 minutes £12.00 first dog in household. £5 per additional dog.

30 minutes £10.00  first dog in household. £3.50 per additional dog.

FREE pick-up and transportation of pets from your home within a 5 mile radius – 45p per mile thereafter.


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