My name is Marcia, and I have been working with animals since 1999, both domestic and exotic, and hold qualifications/certificates in Pet Care Business, Canine Psychology & Behaviour, Animal Behaviour, Primatology and Animal Management, plus other related fields.  In addition I have a current Dog First Aid Certificate, am DBS checked and also fully insured.  All documents and certificates can be shown to you on my initial visit.

My passion and commitment in life is to animal health and welfare so you can be assured that when I am caring for your pets I will not be chatting on my phone and I will not be wearing earphones listening to music.  My time will be devoted to your pets and their needs.  I have experience of working in kennels, including quarantine kennels and I also have experience of working with socialised wolves.

At Ample Ambles, I believe the most important individual is your pet, so my service is geared around them, rather than me.  This means I give exactly the right care at all times.  Every pet is an individual and I like to treat them that way.

I do not walk groups of dogs (unless specifically requested for socialisation walks), preferring the one-to-one specialist care.  This means I am also a perfect choice for helping nervous/reactive dogs or dogs who need to just take their time and enjoy their walk, rather than be hurried along in a group, whether for medical or age related reasons, or simply because that’s the pace they prefer.

All breeds, characters, shapes and sizes are accepted.

With over 16 years of animal care experience within the UK and overseas, I can provide high quality care, and attention to detail.

Where ‘positive’ trainers or behaviourists are involved, I look to work alongside them, to ensure consistency, fluidity and progression in these areas to aid the advancement and well-being of your pets.

My mission is to do what I can to balance animal welfare as much as possible by caring for pets that have a loving and stable home, then committing to donate a minimum of 10% of all my profits to help abused and neglected dogs, both here in the UK and abroad.  100% of any donations made by customers will also go to these causes.  I offer a discounted service to anyone showing proof of owning rescued animals.

Give me a call and let’s have a chat, to start making a difference and giving your pet the best possible service – they deserve it, and so do you.

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