Fishing Lure dangers

A dog I was walking found himself in a nasty situation when he stumbled upon a discarded fishing lure.  I hadn’t realised how big they can actually be.  Poor boy.  This lure had two big barbed hooks – one pierced through his bottom lip, the other pierced deep into the pad of his back foot.  A freak accident, in the blink of an eye, which could have had very serious results.  Luckily, Alfie stayed calm, trusted me and waited patiently for help to arrive.  Many thanks to Rachel from the Urban Heath team and to the staff at Hillside Vets in Corfe Mullen for driving out to assist him.  With a lure attaching his lip to his hind leg he could not be moved without causing more serious harm.  The poor gull originally caught by this lure was not so lucky and must have died in agony.

Can anyone fishing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to take all your kit home with you.  this one plastic fish caused a lot of damage, a lot of anguish and a lot of expense to other people, their pets and to wildlife.  Please be responsible.

Many thanks to Rachel for taking the photos. #dorsethour #fishing #dogs #walking



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